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Pet Tonovet Services

We can measure your pet’s ocular pressure in-house. This will aid in the detection of glaucoma-related pressure anomalies.

veterinarian checking dog's eyes

Pet Tonovet Services in Peoria Area

The handheld, compact TONOVET tonometer makes measuring animal eye pressure quick and straightforward. The painless measurement is barely felt by the animal and does not require anesthetic or equipment calibration.

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Pet Tonovet Services

Several dangerous ocular illnesses can induce either too high or too low pressure. Glaucoma, or increased IOP, is a frequent eye condition in dogs, cats, and horses that typically results in painful and irreversible blindness. Glaucoma affects some dog breeds more frequently than others, although it can afflict any dog, purebred or mixed. Tonometry is one of the tests that is most helpful in the diagnosis of glaucoma. Indentation tonometry, applanation tonometry, and rebound tonometry are the three fundamental tonometry techniques that can be used to quantify IOP in animals. The inexpensive and dependable TONOVET is a rebound tonometry device with a magnetic probe that bounces off the cornea when it comes into contact with it.

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