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Pet Microchipping

Missing cats and dogs can be readily found and brought back to their proper homes thanks to microchipping. We are available to assist you if you want to microchip your pet.

veterinarian scanning cat's microchip

Pet Microchipping in Chillicothe, Dunlap, and Peoria

Pet microchipping is an easy, secure, and efficient method of assisting in the reunion of missing pets with their owners. Between the shoulder blades, a microchip the size of a rice grain is inserted just beneath the skin. A unique ID number on the chip is connected to the owner’s contact details in a national database.

dog in the green grass field

Pet Microchipping

Microchipping is a small chip that is implanted at the back of the neck between the shoulder blades of your pet. This identification system is a vital tool in reuniting lost pets with their owners. It is not painful and can be implanted at any age of the pet. Once your pet is registered in the national database it is there for life. All animal shelters and vets have scanners that can read the chip and make it possible to trace the number back to the owner. The microchips we implant are international and can be read anywhere worldwide. You must keep your address and phone number current at all times the registering. Visit HomeAgain for more details.

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