Why is Protecting my Pet So Difficult?

Why is Protecting my Pet So Difficult?

“Well… I could give my pet Frontline and Heartgard, but he hates the liquid that goes between his shoulder blades…  Will I remember to do Heartgard every month?  Maybe I should do the injectable Proheart so that I don’t forget to give the prevention each month… But wait, then what should I do for fleas and ticks… Maybe Revolution or Trifexis would be easier?  But then there’s Comfortis, and Nexgard too…”

If even a fraction of the above conversation has taken place in your head or your home, you aren’t alone.  Trust us, prevention is a confusing subject.  One that we deal with each and every day.  You want to make sure your pet is protected, but you don’t know where to start.  We are here for you.

You have enough important questions flooding your mind on a daily basis.  Stop in or call us.  We know about the rebates, and we will even send most of them in for you!  We have buy some get some free deals.  Unexpected expenses this month and can only afford one dose right now?  At least your furry family member will be protected.

Think you are getting the best deal online?  We have a highly competitive online store that is trustworthy.  You shouldn’t have to worry if the place you are ordering from has stored the product you will be giving your pet correctly.  More often than not, with our in-house deals we are cheaper than online pharmacies.  We don’t hike up our prices 20 percent then advertise a 20% OFF SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY.


Pet prevention isn’t about playing those pricing games.  You and your furry loved ones deserve a fair shake when it comes to being safe against parasites.  That’s exactly what you get here at PAVG.

Call any of our locations today to find out which of our preventions are going to fit you and your pet’s lifestyle, and your price range.  We are more than happy to present you with your options in a way you can understand.

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