No I in our Team

No I in our Team

by: Ryan Snodgrass

It is 8:00am on a Monday morning and your bladder is full to bursting.  That shower you took this morning lasted 10 minutes tops as you are covered head to toe with hair, slobber, and who knows what else.  There are 2 surgery check-ins, 3 grooming patients that need vaccinations, and Fido just walked in after eating a USED diaper.  In any healthcare field whether it be human or animal, you simply cannot predict what your day has in store for you.  It takes a special person and special team to provide consistent superior patient care in high stress situations.  I am here to tell you that’s exactly what the Peoria Area Veterinary Group team does day in and day out at all of our locations.

Over the past 6 years I have had the privilege of working with nearly every employee at Peoria Area Veterinary Group and I can safely say that no team I have ever been a part of is as committed to their cause than this one.  From the Doctors to the Customer Care Representatives to the Kennel Assistants to the Office Managers, each person realizes how vital their position is when it comes to pet health and wellness. 

One of the attributes that makes for a successful group is teamwork.  Each staff member is willing to step up to the plate when need be.  That is why you will, on rare occasion, be greeted by one of our Doctors when you call in.  No one person is above any given task.  It doesn’t matter who cleans up the piddle on the floor to us, what matters is that the floor is clean.  That kind of team over individual attitude is one of the many ingredients that contributes to our recipe for success.

If you enjoy professional sports you may have heard the phrase “This team really enjoys being around each other.”  What a novel concept !  It is completely true though!  Each person has a different personality and is embraced for their quirks and differences.  We enjoy spending time out with one another whether it is attending an after hours seminar to further our knowledge of a pet health topic or just to hang out and have fun!

Another trait our team embodies is compassion.  In the time it has taken me to write this I have heard voices of technicians asking patients how they are feeling, and making sure they have enough blankets.  Our front staff is notorious for their warm greetings to client and patient alike.  Our kennel staff is notorious for ensuring (when applicable) that our boarding guests receive the appropriate amount of treats.  As I am sure you are aware, one of the most difficult things about our profession is being present when it is time to let a furry family member go.  The team’s compassion is perhaps the most evident in these situations.  No matter how many times you are exposed to those appointments it never becomes any easier.  It is not unusual for our staff to stay strong in the examination room, offering a shoulder and tissue, then exit the room with tears of their own.  Caring for pets like they are our own is something we take immense pride in. 

The list that sets our team apart goes on and on.  There is no way I could ever say enough about this group, but I will conclude stating that I have zero doubt that I work with the best team in the Peoria Area, and simply cannot imagine working with a better group of people.