New Year, New Deals

New Year, New Deals

2016 is being dubbed as a less than stellar year so we decided to lighten the mood by announcing a spectacular deal on a couple of spectacular flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  Simparica is a monthly chewable flea/tick preventative that starts killing fleas in 3 hours and ticks in 8 hours.  We provide Proheart as 2 six month injections that protect your pet against heartworms which are transmitted through infected mosquitos.  These preventatives are very safe and work very well together to provide your pet with the protection they need.  Even better, there is currently a fantastic rebate on these products if you use them together:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

To sweeten the deal more, on top of the manufacturer rebate, our three clinics offer fantastic in-house specials.  For Simparica when you purchase a 12 month supply, you receive a price break that equates to buy 9 get 3 free.  With the purchase of our series of 2 six month injections, you take advantage of the required $40 heartworm test at zero charge.  Here is an example of taking full advantage of this deal for a 50 pound canine:

12 Months of Simparica: $148.50

2 Six Month Injections of Proheart: $115

Total: $263.50-$45 Rebate= $218.50 + A FREE required $40 Heartworm Test

For a limited time we are also throwing in a FREE bag of treats with the purchase of a 12 month supply of Simparica.

Call or stop in at any of our 3 locations to take advantage of this deal!!!