Chillicothe Team

Lauren Divet

Veterinary Assistant

What do you love about your role?
One of my favorite things about assisting our doctors to provide top-level care for the patients we see are the bonds I have been able to form with the patients. Working here for years has really enabled the pets to get to know you which makes their visit much more fun and relaxed. My favorite cases often start out as the most concerning. Being able to help the doctor with the patients that come in under dire circumstances and getting to be the assistant that helps turn the case around is one of the most fulfilling processes that I have ever been involved in. Seeing the look on an owner’s face when we help bring their pet back to health is something I will never get sick of, and will always cherish.

Kaylee Jones

Customer Care Representative/Veterinary Assistant

What does Kaylee love about her job?
Coming into work knowing that I have the opportunity to make a real difference in pet’s lives is truly fulfilling. While it may sound strange, the dogs and cats we treat are more than just pets to our clients and I am proud to treat them as furry family members. Helping our doctors to alleviate pain from patients and worry from owners makes each day different than the last. I specifically enjoy cases involving skin or allergy issues. Having been through a case like this with my own fur family member Layla, it brings me joy being able to relate to what clients are going through and provide first-hand insight as we get to the root of the problem.

Vicki Schroeder

Veterinary Assistant

Vicki began working at the original Chillicothe Veterinary Clinic in 1999. Her dedication and passion for her work make her a great fit for the Veterinary Assistant position. Vicki and her husband have had a plethora of pets over the years and still enjoy their furry family today.

Ashley Murphy

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley Began at our Chillicothe location in 2010. Her hard work and team-oriented attitude are just two of the attributes that help her exceed in her position of veterinary assistant. Ashley and her husband are avid hunters which are reflected in their choice of furry family members. She has a bloodhound named Gauge, a black lab named Teal, and a chocolate lab named Mally. She also has a feline named Cooper! Last but certainly not least, she has begun taking care of goats!