• Ize Sun

    A Cruciate Conversation

    Aug 05 2017

    Diagnosing, treating, and recovering from a ruptured cruciate ligament can be an extremely difficult process for pets and their parents.  Since 2002 Dr. John Calhoun has performed over 250 cruciate repairs at…
  • dog-1451448_1920

    Handling the Heat This Summer: Car Edition

    Jun 15 2017

    Summer fun has arrived and while we plan our picnics and pool parties, we must keep our pet's safety in mind.  High temperatures lead to hot cars and scorching pavement…
  • Divide and Conquer Vet Bills Image

    Divide and Conquer Veterinary Bills

    Mar 15 2017

    Protecting your pet with vaccines and preventatives is a big part of ensuring their safety and well being.  Bringing Fido in for rabies, distemper/parvo/parainfluenza/adenovirus, leptospirosis, bordetella, canine influenza, a stool…
  • Preparing for Your Visit

    Preparing Your Peoria Area Pet for a Veterinary Visit

    Jan 25 2017

    Visits to medical offices or hospitals can be an overwhelming experience regardless of your species.  The amount of information provided can enter into our minds, only to be replaced by…
  • PaVg Logo

    2016 Veterinary Recap

    Jan 04 2017

    While the rest of the world seems to be marking 2016 as the worst year in recent memory, last year brought our 3 clinics an immense amount of excitement.  To…
  • Enlight1-3

    New Year, New Deals

    Dec 29 2016

    2016 is being dubbed as a less than stellar year so we decided to lighten the mood by announcing a spectacular deal on a couple of spectacular flea/tick/heartworm preventatives.  Simparica…
  • Default Image

    Saving $$$ on Yearly Pet Recommendations?

    Dec 13 2016

    The image above is courtesy of Nationwide Pet Insurance and represents pricing for a 6 year old Labrador Retriever.  This plan is intended for the normal yearly suggested treatments/diagnostics, not…
  • Enlight1-2

    Better Pet Care…More Manageable Payments?

    Nov 29 2016

    Adding a furry addition into you family is a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for any pet owner.  The trip to pick up your new canine or feline will likely…
  • doctor-563428_1920

    Reliable Pet Health Articles and When Dr. Google Becomes Involved

    Nov 15 2016

    With the internet at our fingertips it is easy to believe we are or can be experts on any topic we desire within a matter of minutes.  Search engines like…
  • dog computer

    Insurance Options for Peoria Pets

    Nov 14 2016

    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, right?  Same goes for our pet's health.  Pet insurance has become more and more prevalent…