Vet techs/assistants rule!

by: Dr. Suzanne
10 Reasons why my vet techs/assistants are the BEST

1. It doesn’t bother them to be watching me express anal glands or lancing an abscess while they enjoy their lunch.
2. They are great feral animal wranglers and always put themselves in harms way before letting the me get bit/scratched!
3. They love every animal big and small to the point that most of them have a menagerie of adopted pets with one eye, three legs and special needs.
4. Get excited when we get a case of a Cuterebra, when clients are terrified.
5. Are the most compassionate and caring people when patients are sick or in need of comforting.
6. They can draw blood on difficult animals when I can’t!
7. The extra pet hair in their lunch is just deemed extra fiber.
8. They take pride in the designs and embellishments they can add to patient’s casts and wraps.
9. They forgive me when I accidentally stab them with a needle.
10. Vet techs and assistants are AWESOME!