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Divide and Conquer Veterinary Bills

Protecting your pet with vaccines and preventatives is a big part of ensuring their safety and well being.  Bringing Fido in for rabies, distemper/parvo/parainfluenza/adenovirus, leptospirosis, bordetella, canine influenza, a stool sample, heartworm test, heartworm preventative, and flea/tick preventative can be a valuable yet pricey trip.  We understand that sometimes that chunk of change isn’t lying under the cushions your furry friend sleeps on, but fortunately we have a couple of tips to help split that cost and also save in the long run![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Step One

Opt for Proheart as your pet’s heartworm preventative.  This preventative option is unique in the fact that it is administered as a six month injection instead of a monthly pill/topical treatment.  Going with Proheart provides the benefit of avoiding missed or late dosing of your pet’s heartworm preventative so long as you come back in time for the next injection (side note: we will call and remind you).  We are all busy, late dosing on a preventative leaves your pet at risk, and trust us, mosquitoes don’t play the waiting game when it comes to biting us or our pets.

Step 2

Selecting Proheart has provided another benefit for your wallet.  You can choose to split your vaccinations and administer bordetella as well as the canine influenza during the second of the biyearly preventative injections.  You can even choose to split the cost of your flea and tick preventatives to purchase 6 months at a time to further disperse payment into smaller biyearly amounts.  If you really plan it out, you can perform the yearly stool sample at this time as well to get as close to even amounts as possible!  Keep in mind also, that because you have chosen Proheart, you pay NOTHING for your pet’s heartworm test (a $40 savings).

Step Awesome

With our new loyalty program, you can choose to use your rewards for being a client of ours during your second visit.  You can redeem a FREE nail trim at this time or even choose to save your points for something like a FREE examination or 15% off an entire invoice!

Choosing this option also has the benefit of putting your pet in front of one of our amazing doctors more often which is great for health maintenance!

2016 Veterinary Recap

While the rest of the world seems to be marking 2016 as the worst year in recent memory, last year brought our 3 clinics an immense amount of excitement.  To start, we began providing cancer care by bringing in 2 Certified Veterinary Oncologists to the Peoria Area.  Our clients, as well as referred clients in the Central Illinois Area can now take advantage of our newest service.  Since opening our doors to pets in need of cancer care and guidance, we have consulted with 42 different pet owners.  The service is starting to grab hold with recent local highlights from the PJStar and CIProud.  We couldn’t be more excited to provide this much needed service for our community’s pets.

Another new service introduced was laser therapy at all three of our locations.  Used for multiple conditions from arthritis to hot spots and much more, we are seeing an increasing amount of owners opt for this quick and pain free way to help their pets.

Thanks to donations and fundraisers for our HALO Fund, we were able to help pets in dire straights by providing over $4,800 worth of life saving treatments.

We also instituted a new client feedback program that we have seen amazing results from, continued to support local schools and area causes, reworked our referral reward program for even better rewards for our referring clients, and retooled our online store for owner ease of use.

There were so many amazing changes in 2016 that is impossible to highlight them all, however most importantly we continued to explore new options for pet health and hone our skills doing what we do best.  That is to ensure each pet that enters our door receives superior patient care, and each pet owner we have the pleasure of meeting receives top tier service.

We want to thank each and every one of our clients for making 2016 a year to remember, and we want to promise each of you that we will continue passionately providing top tier Veterinary Medicine and Services for your pet in 2017 and beyond!

To really close out 2016 with a bang here are some interesting and some quirky statistics from 2K16:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

  • Heartworm Positive Diagnoses

After rebounding from a sad 2012, the number of Heartworm Disease diagnoses dropped ever so slightly for the first time since 2013.  Each of these cases could have been prevented by administering monthly preventatives year round.  We even have a 6 month preventative injection if you find yourself forgetting each month.  Let’s try to drop this number into single digits in 2017!

In 2016 alone, 238 pets were diagnosed as having fleas.  There are also monthly preventatives to keep your little friend from having even smaller friends.  Trust us, you will be thankful for year round prevention when you aren’t napping next to a flea infested canine or feline!  We saw a huge amount of cases during the fall and into the winter as many owners discontinued their preventatives which proved to be a troublesome mistake for many area pet owners.

Top Dog Breeds Seen in 2016

Labrador Retriever 846 seen
Shih tzu 296 seen
Yorkie 279 seen

Top Names of Pets Seen

1. Bella

2. Max

3. Sadie

4. Lucy

5. Buddy

Why is Protecting my Pet So Difficult?

“Well… I could give my pet Frontline and Heartgard, but he hates the liquid that goes between his shoulder blades…  Will I remember to do Heartgard every month?  Maybe I should do the injectable Proheart so that I don’t forget to give the prevention each month… But wait, then what should I do for fleas and ticks… Maybe Revolution or Trifexis would be easier?  But then there’s Comfortis, and Nexgard too…”

If even a fraction of the above conversation has taken place in your head or your home, you aren’t alone.  Trust us, prevention is a confusing subject.  One that we deal with each and every day.  You want to make sure your pet is protected, but you don’t know where to start.  We are here for you.

You have enough important questions flooding your mind on a daily basis.  Stop in or call us.  We know about the rebates, and we will even send most of them in for you!  We have buy some get some free deals.  Unexpected expenses this month and can only afford one dose right now?  At least your furry family member will be protected.

Think you are getting the best deal online?  We have a highly competitive online store that is trustworthy.  You shouldn’t have to worry if the place you are ordering from has stored the product you will be giving your pet correctly.  More often than not, with our in-house deals we are cheaper than online pharmacies.  We don’t hike up our prices 20 percent then advertise a 20% OFF SPECIAL THIS WEEK ONLY.


Pet prevention isn’t about playing those pricing games.  You and your furry loved ones deserve a fair shake when it comes to being safe against parasites.  That’s exactly what you get here at PAVG.

Call any of our locations today to find out which of our preventions are going to fit you and your pet’s lifestyle, and your price range.  We are more than happy to present you with your options in a way you can understand.