When a Pet Becomes Fur Family

It may start 5-10 seconds after you decide which dog or cat will be a part of the household.  You don’t realize that it has actually happened, but that cantankerous canine or friendly feline has just become more than an animal, more than a pet.  Your new furry friend has become furry family.

Eventually you realize how much you would do for this hairball.  Maybe it is early on in the puppy stage when you let Fido out to use the restroom first when you think your bladder may explode.  It could be when you are laying on the couch nursing the cold that has been going around and Whiskers the cat snuggles up with you.

Then there are the times that you wish your pet knew what “Go to timeout” meant.  When Buddy jumped up and nabbed some seasoned chicken off the table you probably gave him the “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed talk.”  The time Miss Kitty knocked your favorite coffee mug off the table because.. you know sometimes you just have to bat at things, you probably were peeved then you looked and gave her the “How can I stay mad at you,” line.

There is no exact way to tell when or where you realize you have fur family, but one thing is certain, the moment comes for us all.  That fateful Sunday when Max broke his leg jumping off the bed will be one you won’t ever forget.  Nursing him back to health, maybe you bought an extravagant new bed with memory foam and put on Animal Planet to make him feel better.

The moment you realize might not come until the moments with your fur family have ended.  It may be the day after Maggie’s passing when you walk in the door and there isn’t the warm greeting from someone who has been waiting all day for you to get home.

Adding a pet to the household is more than that.  It is introducing a new family member to your environment.  You have brought in a presence that will, whether you like it or not have an impact on your life.  Your dog or cat will rely on you just like a child.  You may not know it but to a certain extent you will rely on your pet too.  Those slobber kisses from Duke, or the warm cuddles during a cold winter day from Tigger affect you.  They lighten your heart, and make you happier.  Just like the little moments you have with your family.

When did you realize your pet was family?  Let us know in the comment section!