When Your Commission is Healthy Pets and Smiles (and you absolutely love it)

By: Ryan Snodgrass

For some pet owners, scheduling a yearly visit for their dog or cat can be a stressful situation. Some have just purchased a house, some are sending their first child through college, some have the unexpected car repair bill to take care of.  Life is a crazy ride and we completely understand because we have been there too.

During your pet’s yearly appointment it is our job to go over all options and recommendations you have for your pet’s health. The amount of information covered in a brief span can obviously be an overwhelming conversation.  It is often difficult to toe the line of respecting busy schedules and ensuring our clients have a good grasp of their pet’s wellness.  Our staff members are trained to do just that to the best of their ability.

Because of those unexpected situations previously referred to, we never pass judgment if you can only perform the requirements by the county or if you only want to do a couple of our recommended tests/procedures. That does not however mean we will not explain our recommendations to you.  We want you to know the best value for flea/tick/heartworm preventions.  It is our job to make sure you are educated about your pet’s health.  It is not our goal to sell you everything possible, it is our goal to make sure you are educated about health offerings.  When humans go to the doctor they expect to leave informed about their health or their ailment.  We treat veterinary visits the same way.  The only thing we sell you on is our compassion for your pets because we truly care.

The tests and products we recommend are done so for a reason. It is not hocus pocus pocket padding nonsense.  If we offer or recommend something, it is because there is a need for it specifically for your pet or generally for all pets.

All in all, our veterinary visits are wholeheartedly positive experiences for patient, client, and staff member alike. We could not think of a better way to spend our day than helping an animal stay healthy or get healthy.  Contact any of our locations to set up your pet’s first positive experience at Peoria Area Veterinary Group.