To: Santa From: An Adopted French Bulldog

Dear Santa,
My name is Dani and I am a 2 year old French Bulldog. This will be the second Christmas I get to spend with my family. My very first Christmas, when I was very small, I spent in a tiny cage in a puppy mill with my birth mommy. I don’t remember it very well, but I do remember that it was cold and loud from all the other dogs barking all around me. My Christmas present came early the next year as I was adopted by my forever family in November of 2014. They are the best family I could ever ask for. I have 2 big brothers, also French Bulldogs, named Chopper and Angus, and a Mommy and Daddy that love me and give me the best of care. I get fed a delicious meal twice a day and I also get lots of treats. Daddy tells my Mommy she gives me too many and thinks I am getting heavy, but I don’t agree. I have so many toys and I love to play with them with my big brothers. I also get to go on a walk around the park with my brothers every day. I know that I am a very lucky dog and every wish that I have ever dreamed for has come true. So Santa, my wish for this year is that any dog that finds a new home at Christmas is treated just as special as I am. They should be loved and cared for just like one of the family. I know it is a big responsibility to take care of us, and while we don’t always show it, we really are thankful for everything. Santa, I wish for people to really take the time and realize it is a big decision when they bring a pet into their home. We start out as cute little balls of fur but quickly grow, requiring a lot of time and care. Sometimes children and adults start to lose interest and patience and some of us end up in a shelter, missing our new family and the fun we had. So Santa, you don’t have to stop at my house this year because I have everything I could ever need. Use that time to place one of us that is not as fortunate as me with a family just like mine.

Thanks again, Santa!