Working in Boarding

Working in Boarding

          Some people may wonder, “Why would anyone want to work as a kennel assistant?” The reason is more simple than expected: to be with all the friendly animals because that’s what makes our job better even after a long hard day’s work.  When caring for our boarding guests, you never know what your day could hold.  There are days where we will only have a few happy pups, and days that we have a kennel full of them!  There are also days where we might have a not so happy pup, in which case caution must be exercised. 

          Watching over our clients furry family is our number one priority in the boarding facility.  Ensuring each pet has a clean run, fresh food, a bowl full of water, and is properly medicated are our main concern.  We cherish our time walking with the boarding guests spending time in the sun (and the snow).

          Our job is nearly as unique as the patients we see.  Each dog or cat that comes in for a stay has a different way of being handled.  Some use our clinic food, others are on special diets.  Other patients require medications at certain times or in certain situations.  For example if Fido is scared of storms we ensure he receives his calming medication to keep him happy throughout the inclement weather.  We generally put blankets down for out guests on our heated floors for padding, but sometimes an excited pup may chew them up which we obviously want to avoid.  These patients are noted as chewers and the blankets are removed for their health and safety.

          As you can see, the job of a kennel assistant brings many different scenarios for us to tackle.  The patients and their owners however make every minute spent well worth it and we can’t see a much more rewarding position to be in.


-Chillicothe Kennel Staff