by: Leah Richardson

After attending a conference and hearing an amazing veterinary technician speak, she really made some great points about working in this field as a veterinary technician. While I’m not quite certified yet, going through school online while working full time sure has it’s benefits. So much hands-on learning that helps create and increase skills in so many aspects. While the role of “veterinary technician” is not always understood by the public, and we are constantly asked the question, “So why don’t you just become a vet?”. Although we love and respect our veterinarians like no other, there’s just a whole different aspect of pet care that comes with being on the nursing side.

 Every day is a guarantee to come home with some sort of body fluid(s) on your scrubs, complete with so much fur, you just don’t even notice it anymore. While many people think we are torturing their pets in the back, it’s quite the contrary. We are in this field because of COURSE we love animals! But as much as we’d love to, it’s not just fluffy kittens and happy puppies all day long. We start early in the morning getting catheters in, drawing blood, preparing for surgeries and other procedures, all at least by 8:00. From there, we are constantly monitoring pets under anesthesia, cleaning teeth, giving pain medications, wrangling up nervous pets and trying to keep them as calm as possible while in this scary environment.

 In addition to loving animals, we also have a deep appreciation and love for medicine. Learning all the body systems, how medications work for different animals, knowing proper anatomy for x-rays and blood draws, how to properly take care of a hospitalized patient for multiple days, special diets that need to be given, constant monitoring and record keeping, and so much more.

 In the end, we are doing what we love, I can personally say that this is absolutely my dream job. I love every aspect of working in the clinic and how I get to interact with pets to take care of them, and also advocate for them. We are here for the best outcome and the best quality of life for your pet, and I absolutely LOVE what I do!!