The Joy and Consequences of Partying Like a Dog

The Joy and Consequences of Partying Like a Dog

by:Kathy Cain, Peoria Area Veterinary Group of Dunlap

I have been waiting forever for my two legged friends to come over and play with me. This only happens a couple of times a year and I always know when mom is preparing for it. Tables set up with food for me to smell and I know I’ll grab something sweet to eat. No other time of year do I get to eat anything other than the same old stuff mom plops into my dish morning and night. I just have to do it when she is not looking. I’m fast and sneaky so no problem!

I wait and wait forever for my friends to come over to play with me. I keep on thinking they are here but no just those other loud things that move by the house quickly. Oh there goes the squirrels running up the tree… that cat just ran past me where is he going? I better go check it out… where did mom go?? What… what… AAHHHH they are here! They’re here! Come on come on what are you doing? Come inside quickly… let’s play let’s play!

Finally, we are running around playing, toys are being flung around! I don’t know why they don’t chase after the toys either, they just keep picking them up and throwing them. No competition for me! I always win! I got the ball let’s go… let’s go.. I got it run! I’m faster than them all. Wait where are you guys going? The taller two legged people are talking to my friends now, I guess I’ll see what mom is doing.

It smells so good… oh my oh my. Everyone seems to be occupied talking to each other and eating off those flat trays. Why don’t I eat off of those trays? Where is mom… there she is talking and eating. She will never know, here is my chance! Oh no I hear yelling… I think she is coming… RUN! RUN! Almost choking but it tastes soooo good. I better swallow before she tries to take it out of my mouth. Yes it tastes fabulous. If only I could have more. I just don’t understand what the problem is. She is eating the stuff so why can’t I?

I can keep playing now that my friends are back running around too. As the night continues we hang out on the couch together watching that moving screen that mom stares at all the time. The tall two legged people seem to just be getting louder and more have invaded my house at this time.

Why do I feel funny? I think I will lay down for awhile… not feeling so hot! Ugh what are those noises coming from my body… Hey mom I might need to go outside. Where is she? There she is in the place the food tables are set up in. I really need to go now! Let’s go outside!

Noises continue to come from my body… I thought I had to go to the bathroom but I keep walking around and nothing is coming out! Oh it’s starting to hurt more. Mom continues to talk but she doesn’t sound very happy? I feel like she may still be angry at me for stealing that food off the table but I am not sure. Maybe she yells at me for a reason. But I still don’t understand why they can eat that stuff and I can’t. Everyone else seems to be feeling ok.

Finally relief but I can’t stop going to the bathroom. Is it ever going to stop? Oh I don’t feel good at all. I think next time I’ll try to listen to mom and stay away from the table. Every year she makes it harder and harder for me to reach. Now that I think about it every time I do eat food off of that table this is how I feel.

Until next party… it smells soooo good!