The Amazing Things Dogs Will Eat

The Amazing Things Dogs Will Eat

Veterinarians and amazing things dogs will eat…


It’s 11:00 am on a busy Saturday morning at the vet’s office.  The phone rings.  After discussing with the owners on the other end, they are put on hold and I am found.  The dreaded words…Owner’s dog has been vomiting and acting lethargic for the past three days.  Now he can’t keep water down.


Dr. Jen:  Does your dog eat things he shouldn’t?


Owner:  Never!!  We are with him all the time.  Well, he did get into the bathroom garbage about 4 days ago, but I don’t think he ate anything.


Dr. Jen:  Bring him in please.


To make a long story short, we performed x-rays at 11:30 am and saw a pretty obvious gas pattern that can only mean the dreaded FOREIGN BODY OBSTRUCTION!!  I give the owners the bad news.  Most likely he did eat something out of the bathroom garbage and it has caused a blockage in the intestines.  We need to do an exploratory surgery immediately and see what is going on.  We will stay late and start immediately.  Owners consented, and the dog was prepped for surgery.


Surgery was a success and pretty straight forward.  The dog woke up with no complications and maintained good heartbeat and respirations during the procedure.  Once we were finished, I called the owner and gave them the findings.  The mom answered and her first question after she knew her four-legged baby was okay was, “What did you find?”  Well, I think you need to make sure the bathroom garbage is kept out of his reach in the future.  We pulled out a tampon.  And then there was silence.  I could hear the embarrassment through the phone.  In an attempt to make her feel better I tell her, “Don’t feel bad.  This isn’t the first time I have found a tampon and it won’t be the last.  Dogs are gross.  They eat all sorts of amazing and disgusting objects!”


Here is a list of some (and certainly not all) of those everyday objects/foods/drugs etc. that we have had the pleasure of dealing with at our office:

Tampons                                              Zippers

Leashes                                               Rocks

Tennis balls/nerf balls                          Medications (over the counter and Rx)

Pacifiers                                              Stuffing from toys and pillows

Pantyhose                                            Diapers (dirty, of course)

Razor blades (yep, sure did)               Rat Poison

Dental floss                                         Antifreeze

Bones/Raw hides                                Chocolate

Poop (their own and others)

Exercise mats


Leaves/pine needles

Underwear and Bra straps


Written by: Dr. Jennifer Witt D.V.M.

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