Saving $$$ on Yearly Pet Recommendations?

Saving $$$ on Yearly Pet Recommendations?

The image above is courtesy of Nationwide Pet Insurance and represents pricing for a 6 year old Labrador Retriever.  This plan is intended for the normal yearly suggested treatments/diagnostics, not for any accidents or illness.  The total cost of the plan is $264 per year.  However upon examining the chart above, you will see that the plan has a possibility of paying out up to $500.

Yes some of the items listed on the chart are either 1 time items (microchipping) or possibly unnecessary (deworming) however even with these benefits taken out there is still enough coverage to justify spending the $264/year to receive a higher monetary value from the plan should you adhere to PAVG’s yearly recommendations.

So let us break it down line by line to show you how you can be receiving free money from this insurance plan.

Physical exam: Our examination fee is either $40 (wellness) or $45 (consult for sick or ill pets).  The wellness plus plan through Nationwide offers a maximum of $60 reimbursement for these examinations.  If your pet comes in twice in one year (which is our recommendation), you would be receiving the full benefit of this line item of the plan.

Behavioral exam:  If your pet is having behavioral issues like urinating outside of the box or showing aggression to another pet, we can provide consultation to determine if this truly is behavioral or if there is something medical causing this behavior.  This may or may not be an item you receive consistent reimbursement on.

Vaccinations:  Our recommended vaccinations will likely exceed the $75 amount allowing you to receive full compensation for this line item.

Heartworm or FeLV/FIV: Our heartworm tests are $40 and our FeLV/FIV tests are exactly $35.  These are also yearly recommendations (FeLV/FIV for all new cats and any cat with outdoor exposure) and again would allow you to receive the maximum allowance of the plan each year.

Fecal Test: Our parasite examinations are slightly under the maximum allowance, but very close allowing you to receive close to the maximum allotted amount for this line item and again we recommend this treatment be performed each year.

Deworming:  If a parasite examination comes back positive for any sort of worms it would be nice to have coverage.  You may not need the $25 allowed for this line item, but it is certainly not uncommon in our area for a pet to contract some type of intestinal parasite.

Nail trim:  Don’t want to hassle trimming your pet’s nails?  You aren’t the only one.  Again we are slightly under the allotted cost for this and nail trims should be done more than once a year, but you will receive close to the maximum benefit for this specific line item of the plan.

Microchip:  We recommend all pets be chipped.  Chipping and registration a bit higher than the $40/year allowance, so you would receive the maximum allowed the year you decide to chip.  There are also options to add features to your chip that may be used in years after the initial chip implantation that this amount can be used towards so that this has the possibility of being more than a one year benefit.

Health Certificate:  Traveling with your pet?  Pending your location you are going to need a health certificate.  This may only be useful for pets that are jet setters but would be nice to have covered.

Flea control or heartworm prevention:  This is very self explanatory, we recommend year round preventatives for these parasites.  We have great deals and you should have no problem being reimbursed for the full $75.  You may go over this limit however with our specials you should be able to save a good lump of money.

One additional test:  This would include either blood work, radiographs, or an EKG.  We recommend yearly blood work for early detection of potential problems.  If you follow our recommendations you should have no problem meeting the $75 maximum as our full medical panels run $100.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

So would this plan benefit you?  Let us create a situation where you have done the one time microchip treatment, don’t need a health certificate or deworming or behavioral examination.  Creating this situation essentially cuts out the 3 items that we may not recommend each and every year.  The number we are shooting to meet is $264 to justify the monthly amount spent.

Examinations:  We recommend biyearly examinations, but with busy schedules sometimes owners do not make it in twice a year.  We will set this average reimbursement amount at $45 a year to average out the years that owners do/don’t make 2 appointments. Current: $45/264

Vaccines:  Between rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, bordetella, canine influenza, and lyme the maximum reimbursement of $75 should be met to take full advantage of this part of the plan.  Current: $120/264

Heartworm or FeLV/FIV test: The Heartworm test is recommended yearly and required to purchase prevention while the FeLV/FIV test is recommended for all new cats and cats that have had exposure outside or cats that are outdoors and don’t receive the Feline leukemia vaccination.  Doing these tests each year will almost exactly meet the $35 reimbursement.  Current: $155/264

Fecal test: As of this publication you would receive $18 back as that is how much it costs to run this yearly recommendation.  Current: $173/264

Nail trim:  Why not take advantage while you are here???  If done with your pet’s examination you can expect to pay $12.  If you get the pet’s nail trim done twice you will meet the $20 limit.  Current: $193/264

Flea Control or Heartworm Prevention:  There should be no issue meeting the $75 here and is yet another important part of maintaining your pet’s well being.   Current: $268/264

Additional test: These are important diagnostics and at this point are exceeding the requirement of what you have paid into the plan.  Yearly blood work is always a good idea to help us catch and stay on top of potential problems before they get serious.  Current: $343/264.

As you can see the price paid in will be easily reachable if you follow our yearly recommendations.  The price you get out will be even greater if you factor microchipping, or if your pet needs dewormed, a health certificate, or behavior examination.  While a few of the recommendations may exceed the coverage amount, thus resulting in spending some money that you won’t be reimbursed, the majority of these items are very close to where we stand with pricing.  While you may be paying some money out of pocket for certain line items of this plan, you at least are getting some of it back covered vs. not being involved in the plan and not receiving any sort of compensation whatsoever.  You can truly get out more than you put in with this plan.  Free money is good money right?  We think so.  If you want to learn more about this plan you can visit Nationwide’s pet insurance website here.