Poop Patrol

Poop Patrol


It happens to the best of us…the winter poop pile up in the yard! All dog owners and fellow veterinary staff know what I’m talking about. Winter weather is cold, harsh, and unforgiving. No one wants to go outside, sometimes not even the dog! We all do it though, let the dog outside to do his/her “business” and give thanks that we have a fenced yard and don’t have to go outside with him/her. This process goes on for weeks and that’s when it happens…the multiple hidden piles of poop that we can’t clean up until the snow melts. The yard has just become a “land mine” of feces.

Finally signs of a thaw start to show. Snow and ice are melting and you can actually see signs of grass! It’s dead, brown, and soggy but it’s grass all the same. While the thaw is a welcome change, it also brings to visible light the “poop land mine” that has now become your yard. On the positive, the snow and cold temperatures have kept the multiple piles of feces frozen. On the negative, the yard has now become a dangerous and hazardous place making the limited opportunity presented for yard cleanup more important than ever. If the feces are left to sit and not properly disposed of it increases the chances of your yard becoming contaminated with worms and parasites. These worms and parasites will then infect your dog causing him/her to become very sick. Some worms and parasites are even harmful to humans. While the cost of diagnosis and treatment can vary greatly…it’s even more money coming out of your pocket!

It’s time to show the dog how “loving and devoted” you really are and let the poop patrol begin! So grab your pooper-scooper, grab some plastic bags, and get out there. When your “walking the grounds”, it’s important to be as thorough as possible. I recommend starting from a central location and working your way outward. Keep it simple and stay on track, there’s a lot of ground to cover and “Mother Nature’s Good Weather Window” is only open for a limited time!

We all love our furry family member(s) and cleaning up after them is not always the most fun, but the reward of a healthy pet and safe yard are priceless (literally). Hey, no one likes stepping in feces including the dog. So gear up, get out there, and start patrolling!

Written by: Brenna Keyt

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