Peoria Pet Hot Spot: Robinson Park

Peoria Pet Hot Spot: Robinson Park

Robinson Park Through A Pet’s Eyes

by Kathy Cain

Every day I look forward to my adventure to Robinson Park. Walking on the trails throughout the year is a daily routine that we never miss. Whether it is raining, snowing or the blazing summer heat a drive up Mossville Road and we are there! I anxiously look out the window as we drive up the hill to our destination. Pulling in I know it is almost time for me to sniff around and see who has been marking the areas that are mine. Oh there are cars in the parking lot! I know there has to be someone here for me to pass on the trail or greet along the way. The door opens I am unhooked from the seatbelt and I jump down to start my walk. Oh the air smells so good just sniff in the scents that nature has to offer. We are off!!

Pick up a scent and here we go…. Oh I have to veer off the trail I smell something over here. That tree looks good let’s see who has visited you recently. The blacktop trail is clear and the racetrack must have someone else further up the way walking along. Oh coming towards me is that beagle that we always see named Buster. He is always on a leash so we just twirl around each other on leash getting wrapped around our owners and smelling each other’s butts.

Mom says I am not trusted off leash so I am attached to her always. Every dog I see on the path always attached by a leash so I guess that is one of the rules here at Robinson Park. Families with kids and dogs like to picnic here in the yard or swing on the swing set. I love to watch them run around the huge open lawn. I sure wish I could run with them! I used to swing in the swings when I was a puppy but it is just not fun anymore.

Sometimes we will go on longer walks that weave through the woods. We follow the marked paths that are shown on the block of wood that is a map of the area. There are longer trails that take you miles or short ones that veer back to the blacktop paths that lead to the parking lots. Picnic tables throughout the park smell really good… I know there may be food somewhere around them. Outside Pavilion has an area that you can cook out or have a fire to roast marshmallows on.

Every walk at Robinson Park is a different adventure and way to explore the nature that is right in our back yard.