Peoria Area Veterinary Group: Boarding Coordinators

Peoria Area Veterinary Group: Boarding Coordinators

by Abbey Cantwell

The life of being a boarding coordinator at Peoria Area Veterinary Group has many responsibilities and the chance for memories to make. One of our main responsibilities is to make our patients feel comfortable while visiting. Happy patients make our job easier and fun. Making memories is always fun and an opportunity to interact with the patients.

Paperwork can be tedious but is of vital importance; we collect information on the patient and owner. If we have an emergency, we need contact numbers and names to call and make sure we can go on with the procedure to make your pet feel better. I make certain all vaccines are up to date while checking in and out. We don’t want any kind of diseases being passed around and making our furry friends sick. When checking pets in I make sure all their belongings are being written down and placed together. It’s important to stay neat and know where everything is for that patient when the owner comes and picks them up.

We verify our patients leave with everything they came in with and that it’s clean. When bedding, blankets or toys are clean everyone is happy. When owners and patients are happy we are happy. Cages/runs are cleaned by the kennel assistants and kept looking shiny and warm. We have heated floors in our boarding facility so our patients stay warm at night along with their beddings. While keeping up on the responsibilities we like to make memories with our patients.

Memories are made when attending to our furry friends. We take our patients out to play in the grass, play in the snow, or just run around the yard to burn off some energy. They come back with a smile on their face and begging for more, more time to play and wrestle. Our kennel assistants like to tell us funny stories while their letting pets out to do their business. There is never a dull moment

Being a boarding coordinator at times is a challenging task. We have to be on our feet at all times and make things happen. Being positive and knowing you can do anything makes a clinic successful. The boarding coordinator and kennel assistants do our best to attend to and please your pet. It is our mission to provide our clients with service excellence and superior patient care in order to maintain the highest quality of life for their pets.