Peoria Area Veterinary Group App

Peoria Area Veterinary Group App

The age of the smartphone is here.  Staying in touch has never been easier.  We can do just about everything from our handheld device.  From paying bills to placing yourself in-line for a haircut that you haven’t even arrived at yet, our phones are making our lives more and more convenient.


We decided it was time for pet owners of Peoria County and beyond to have access to the same convenience for their veterinary services.  We introduced our clinic app April of this year and have seen success thus far with its use.  Pet owners can request appointment times, request food, and also medication refills all from the Peoria Area Veterinary Group app.

Have 5 minutes over your lunch hour?  Open the PAVG app, select your clinic [Chillicothe, Dunlap, or Peoria (Dunlap 2)], and request a time or product.  We then check our schedules based on your request, or prep the medication/food and call you back to confirm your needs are met!

You can also send us cute pictures with pet frames that have been pre-loaded into the app. (See below)

JC-Libby 2015

Other useful features include our push notifications reminding you to administer your pet’s monthly preventatives.  We also send out important health related news such as recalls or breakouts that Peoria pet owners need to be informed of.

You can even easily access our online store and website from the app!

Don’t hesitate.  Download our app today by searching: Peoria vet on iTunes or google play!


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