Better Pet Care…More Manageable Payments?

Better Pet Care…More Manageable Payments?

Adding a furry addition into you family is a fun, exciting, and memorable experience for any pet owner.  The trip to pick up your new canine or feline will likely be forever engrained in your memory.  The initial cost of your new fuzzball is a price that is set in stone and one every new owner is aware of.  The cost of lifelong pet care is something that far fewer owners consider prior to purchasing.  The cost of vaccinating, performing recommended yearly laboratory tests, and providing preventative care however can add up over the years.  A common phrase heard in veterinary practices across the United States goes: “This free puppy/kitten turned out to be anything but free.”

Providing the best care possible is the goal for nearly every pet owner, but sometimes budgetary constraints make it hard to be the owner you want to be.  Paying for all the recommended services at once can strain budgets or may not even be financially possible for many owners.

Our mission statement reads:  “It is our mission to provide our clients with service excellence and superior patient care in order to maintain the highest quality of life for their pets.”

We would like to provide the highest standard of care to every pet, from every household, not just those that can afford it on the day they need it.  These yearly procedures are recommended over with your pet’s highest quality of life in mind.  We can catch illness with diagnostic tests before they severely impact your pet’s life.  We can prevent things that could be devastating to your pet’s well being, and we want to for each and every pet.  So if there was a better way to pay to be the owner that your pet deserves would you take it?

Splitting your pet’s yearly recommendations into several small payments over the course of the year is not something new to veterinary medicine, but to this point is rare to find in our area.  While we may not be able to offer a monthly plan that includes unexpected surgeries, it is certainly feasible to offer an option to split costs of routine yearly recommendations over the course of the year.