Inside Look: Veterinary Technicians

Inside Look: Veterinary Technicians

Kelly Lewis, CVT       February Blog Entry 2015


Your Local Technical Staff,

Did you know that your local veterinary clinic employs a variety of highly trained technical staff to treat and monitor your pet? Veterinary Technicians have similar roles to Registered Nurses in human medicine. As licensed individuals we perform tons of very technical, important, and (sometimes) just plain fun skills. Procedures that the Vet. Tech. on your pet’s case may perform in a day include radiology, anesthesiology, surgical assisting, laboratory work, (phlebotomy, fecal analysis, skin scrapings etc…), medical treatments of hospitalized patients, dental cleanings, medical history, and record keeping.

While all this behind the scenes work keeps us all pretty busy on any given day, I always seem to find time, even if it’s on my lunch break, to pet and “talk” with my patients. It can be hard on our patients to be hospitalized, because frequently they aren’t accustomed to being away from home. They don’t understand that treatments like oral medications and injections will help them feel better.

Asking the opinion of the other staff members the consensus is that we all love our jobs because of our patients and clients. Helping our clients keep their “best friends” healthy and happy is always rewarding. Personally, I think that the best thing I’ve found about this job is having a sick patient recover and go home.

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