Guide for a Pet Safe Halloween in Peoria

Guide for a Pet Safe Halloween in Peoria

Chocolate bars, spooky costumes, and holiday decor all epitomize the Halloween spirit.  Our pets are getting in on the fun also (just take a quick look at Instagram or the PAVG Pet Costume Contest).  While we are huge proponents of enjoying these times with four legged friends, there are several hazards to keep in mind as you enjoy the festivities.  Here is a list of potential pet problems that accompany Halloween so that you can get the treat of a good time with no tricks attached.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

1. Sometimes it is okay for Fido to not be in the Holiday Spirit

Canines can be creatures of habit.  Wake up, eat, go out, nap, eat again, go out again, cuddle with mom and dad, and start again the next day.  When you introduce them to a new different situation, it can throw them off their routine and make them uneasy.  Even the most socialized dog can cower and feel threatened by children who have quadrupled their recommended sugar intake! This can lead to irrational behavior like bolting or even nipping out of fear.   For this reason, it is sometimes better to keep your dog in on Halloween.  A quiet room with some soft music may be the best treat of his or her night.

If you do decide to venture out with your furry companion, ensure that you have a sturdy leash and be mindful of mobs of monsters coming up to pet your furpanion.  Protecting you from swamp monsters and spidermen may be at the top of your pets priorities, so vigilance must be used to avoid any unwanted bites.

2.  Be discreet with the treat

Trust us, we know that dumping the candy on the floor is a pivotal part of any Halloween experience.  How else are you going to trade your candy bar for the popcorn ball of Billy’s that you have been eying since house number 37?  I mean… the popcorn ball is even a weird color!  Our suggestion is to keep your goodies out of reach from your pets, even if Fluffy offers you a milk bone for your milk duds.  Chocolate in all forms can be dangerous for pets, and any candy with xylitol is bad news also.  IF for some reason your four legged friend sneaks a treat or 8, click the button below to visit the Pet Poison Helpline.

3. Secure Potential Escape Routes

Let’s say you have the four legged friend that almost escapes each morning.  You open the door juuuuust enough to squeeze through and stick your leg in the way to avoid running down a rowdy pup at 6:30am.  That is just 1 time opening the door!  If your canine is an explorer at heart, you may want to restrict him or her to an area without access to the door.  Handing out candy and conversing with kids is much more difficult when you are worried about keeping Cuddles at bay.  It is also important to microchip your pet should you have a sneaky guy or gal who manages to thwart your best efforts of keeping them in the house.

4.  Use Discipline with Decor

You didn’t make all those trips to the Dollar Store for no reason… Your house is going to be the envy of the block.  Kids will be talking about the spooky house on Sixth Street for years to come.  Remember however that the wires, and the props can be glorified chew toys to your pet.  Keep an eye on your four legged friend to ensure he/she doesn’t chew or ingest the blow up banshee that is the statement piece of your Halloween decor.

5.  Have FUN!

Halloween is a great time to get together and enjoy company with your furry companion.  As long as you are mindful of the potential hazards to your pet you are in for a great evening.  To read a full article on Halloween hazards click the button below!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!