Fleas? During Winter? In Peoria???

Fleas? During Winter? In Peoria???

The leaves are dropping and so is the temperature here in Peoria County.  As we begrudgingly turn on/up the heat in our homes and wrap ourselves in our softest of blankets, we realize that Fido’s flea/tick preventatives are all used up.

“Oh well,”  we say.

Surely the fleas aren’t around any longer to bug our pets right?

That’s when you feel it.  Your softest blanket has some uninvited guests on it…



During this time of year we see an influx of panicked clients who have discovered fleas in their home, in their bed, even in their mustache! (sorry Movember)  Flea spray flies off our shelves along with preventatives as Peoria pet owners scramble to sanitize their sheets.  The best form of protection is prevention year round for your canine or feline.  Even if your pet is only outdoors long enough to go to the bathroom, those pesky fleas can find their way in your doors.  The scary part?  We humans can bring them in as well!

Fleas are like the ugly sweatshirts your uncle gets you each year for Christmas. (and are probably on that same sweatshirt if your house is infested)  You want so badly to get rid of them but for some reason they just keep hanging around despite your best efforts.  Fleas however will reproduce much faster than the mustard colored hoodie from 6 years ago.  Before you know it they aren’t living in your house, you are living in theirs!  So how do you put an end to the madness?

Step 1:  Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Fleas enjoy warm dark locations like dog bedding, carpeting, upholstery, etc.  Vacuuming can stimulate the eggs to hatch as well as suck up some unhatched eggs.  It is important to dispose of bags or anything vacuumed up outside the house to prevent reentry.  Repeat this process each day if you are able.

Step 2:  Spray Away

Most flea sprays will only eliminate live fleas so it is important to spray the aforementioned hot spots every couple of weeks to stay on top of the pests that are hatching in your home.  You can pick up a spray at any of our three locations to start fighting back.

Step 3: Continue Preventatives and Repeat the Process

Set yourself a reminder on a calendar or phone to give your pet his/her monthly preventative and make sure you are sticking to the regimen.  As has been previously stated, 12 months of consistent prevention is your best bet. Don’t assume that one home treatment is enough.  Infestation can happen in the blink of an eye, so treat until those pests are completely gone!  Read more by clicking the links to the right or call any of our locations with further questions!  Visit our online store for great deals on pet preventatives to keep your home flea free!