Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotional Roller Coaster

Emotional Roller Coaster

So it’s the beginning of a new week. You’re headed to work expecting your morning to start off fairly simple. Unfortunately, everything changes with the first phone call of the day. A long time, valued client has been up all night caring for their beloved pet and things don’t sound good. I explain all of the options available to them in a calm, comforting and supporting tone. The client arrives, very upset as expected, so I provide the support and sympathy that they deserve to ease some of the discomfort that they are going through. We all manage to get through the situation as best possible, but it is never easy for anyone involved.

I get the next phone call, and it’s a favorite client that just got a new puppy. They need to come in for the first puppy visit. So I go over with the client what they need to bring with them and set up their appointment. I then spend a few moments catching up on a personal level (definitely one of the perks of the job). I get to have a few laughs and congratulate them on their new addition to the family and wish them well until we see them in the office.

In the veterinary industry, you can definitely plan for the unplanned. No matter what the day brings, the staff at Peoria Area Veterinary Group is unbelievably passionate about what we do. Our patients and our clients are our number one priority! From beginning to end, our mission is to provide our clients with service excellence and superior patient care in order to maintain the highest quality of life for their pets.

By Shelly Burns

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