Dunlap Boarding (A Kennel Assistant’s Day)

Dunlap Boarding (A Kennel Assistant’s Day)

BEEP BEEP BEEP….yep, that’s the alarm. Six a.m. seems to come way too early! Wasn’t it just roughly 12 hours ago that I was dragging through the door exhausted from the previous day?! My ears have barely stopped ringing from the 40 plus dogs barking at the same time, and my knees tell me not to kneel EVER again! A quick look outside tells me it’s going to be one of those days…90 degrees with 75% humidity does not make for pleasant outdoor activity walking dogs. If only there were a sprinkler I could run through…

Driving up to the parking lot I brace myself…there is no telling what I will walk into! The smell of doggy pee on the hot asphalt assaults my delicate nostrils and reminds me that I must hose down the walkway at some point in the day.

All clocked in! Good mornings all around, a little chit chat about the day and off we go to our respective kennel rooms. Oh…that’s not going to be fun to clean up…oooh, that either!!

Did I mention today is Monday and there are 27 baths due this morning? Busy, busy, busy.

A quick stop to try once again to make that little chihuahua like me….he’s not interested. Maybe later..

10:30 rolls around, finally a breather! I think I’ll stop by the surgery area to see what is going on and then creep on over to spy on the little kittens that are climbing all over the cage…so darn cute!(insert kitten pic) A short walk with the dogs before lunch and…whoa! Did that pile of dog poo just move?! Nope, just a snake sunning itself! (insert snake picture) Thankfully dog was not aware and we carry on.

The afternoon usually goes off without a hitch. Between walks and play times, we are able to leisurely hang out and enjoy the times we spend with all of the animals.

Preparations for tomorrow…files in order, toenail trims…FYI, a nervous dog getting a toenail trim can express anal glands at will…and they have pretty good aim, I can attest to that!

Animals are fed, meds are given and end of the day routine comes to a close. A quick walk through the kennel rooms finds the dogs and cats and the occasional bunny or guinea pig, content, quiet and ready to settle in for the night.

We, as kennel assistants love our jobs! You can have the worst day ever and one face lick or crazy wag of a tail when you walk in the room, the smell of puppy breath or the pleasant meow telling you that you have time for ONE more cuddle, makes it all worth it. You all know YOU enjoy your pets…please know that WE enjoy them as well! We will always do our very best to treat them as you do; with love and plenty of affection!

Oh, and the PEOPLE we work with aren’t too bad either (wink wink)!

Your Dunlap kennel staff