Don’t be a Fool, Keep Your Pets Cool!

Don’t be a Fool, Keep Your Pets Cool!


by: Leah Richardson

It’s that time of the year in the Peoria Area where you want to be outside, having fun, and being with the people you love – especially your pets! As the days get longer, you feel bad leaving your beloved pets at home and want to take them with you wherever you go – but at what cost?

Of course it’s natural to want to be with your pets all the time, but it’s not worth risking their precious lives over. Did you know that even if you crack the windows, it doesn’t help them stay cool? Cats and dogs sweat differently than us humans do. They pant and sweat only through their paw pads. While standing or sitting on some warm upholstery, there is nowhere for the heat to escape their bodies, making it extremely dangerous for them.

Most of the car’s temperature increase happens within the first half hour – up to a 40 degree increase! Even on a relatively “cool” day at 70 degrees, YES, even in the shade, and YES, even with the windows cracked!! So please, please, please just make the safe bet and leave your pet at home if you are running errands on a warm day. If you find that your pet seems to be overheated, get them some cool water right away, and try to use a cool cloth to rub on them to also help decrease their body temperature.

On the flip-side, if you come across a pet in a parked car while you are out, try to get all the information you can about the vehicle and description of the pet and go into the nearest establishments to try and find the owner right away!

Have a safe and cool summer!!