Breed Spotlight: American Bulldog

Breed Spotlight: American Bulldog

by: Abbey Cantwell

American Bulldogs


American Bulldogs are loyal, reliable and determined. They want to please their owners and stand by them. They have a strong temperament and are definitely one breed you need to keep active. American bulldogs have some health issues that you need to keep in mind when considering a purchase. The health issues can be pricey at times. American bulldogs have a big heart and protective instinct. Living with an American Bulldog you learn what is good and what should not be tolerable. The breed is one of a kind and I would never change a thing about them.

American bulldogs are big boned and have a tendency of scaring people due to how they act and look. But on a good note, American Bulldogs genuinely love children. They may look mean but they do have genuine heart. It is known for its acts of heroism toward its master, the American Bulldog have fought wild dogs, bulls and even fire. However, in the midst of the fight, he/she will quit immediately when called off by its owner.

American bulldogs have strong protective instincts, and needs a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, known as their owner. They can live in an apartment if sufficiently exercised outdoors by play in a secure area or walked.

To be happy, the American Bulldog needs to be near people. These dogs are prized for their intelligence and stamina. They differ from the English bulldog by having longer legs which gives them more speed and agility. They may look different than the other bulldogs but still have the warm hearts and desire to please.

The American bulldog generally lives 10-16 years of age. The breed has a tendency of pulling their ACL’S and not just 1 but both of them. Unfortunately they also have hip and elbow dysplasia. With these health issues they still love to rough house and show unconditional love towards their owners and others.

American bulldogs are my favorite breed. I love the protective instinct and how lovable they are. I kid you not; you will always know if someone is in your yard or at the door. They always let you know if they hear someone or something. They love to run but not for extensive distances due to them tiring easily. They are one of a kind and I will always love them dearly.