About Our Online Store

About Our Online Store

Chances are if you are reading this post, you have done some online shopping at some point over the last few years.  The convenience of having a vast array of products at your fingertips has resulted in online shopping sales increasing every year since 2004.  Online pet pharmacies have popped up left and right trying to get their share in the online shopping profits.  Advertising 50% OFF PREVENTION PRODUCTS is eye catching to say the least but oftentimes just a markup before a sale game  Let’s take a look at some disadvantages of purchasing from large scale pet pharmacies.

1. The Price Game:  Board games are fun.  Card games are fun.  Price games are not.  Having a huge banner across the top of a website advertising 50% off preventions will catch eyes immediately.  However right before that big banner was put on the website, prices were raised 50% to accommodate the sale.  Yes you are saving 50% off the current prices but you are likely paying just about the same as you would have before the “Sale.”   See how that works?

2.  Shady Products:  You are committed to finding the right price.  That is why you have spent an hour on a Sunday scouring the internet for the best deal on a medication for your pet.  You are on page 20 of the results list of Google search.  You find it… A site that you have never heard of offering the medication for $20.00 less than everywhere else you have searched.  JACKPOT right?  Not so fast.  You might actually be purchasing sugar pills or the equivalent.  If it is the correct product, has it been stored correctly?  Is this website even authorized to dispense medication?  Be very careful.preventions

3.  Product Guarantees:  An example of this would be buying flea preventions online.  If you find that the product isn’t doing what it says it does, what do you do?  You turn to a product guarantee from the drug company that creates the product.  Some will treat the pet and the entire house as part of their guarantee.  However when you purchase from large online pharmacies, you can usually kiss a product guarantee goodbye.  These pharmacies will try to replace the original guarantee with their own product guarantee, which usually consists of a half hearted, hardly ever used promise that ends up costing you more in your time than the product cost in the first place.

Did you know?: 98% of online pharmacies are in non-compliance with regulations, and 1,677 online pharmacies were shut down in 2014 alone for selling counterfeit products.

So where can you find a trusted safe way to achieve the convenience of online shopping for pet products?  We launched our online store last year and it has been a hit with our clients so far.  We sell the same food and medications on our online store as we do in clinic, and even have more food options available online if you are interested that are not stocked in clinic.  Because you are still purchasing products from a veterinary clinic, you can count on almost all of the drug companies product guarantees.  The products are stored correctly.  Our online store is also priced to compete with other major online pharmacies.  You can’t beat feeling safe about what you are buying at a competitive price.  We offered our online store as a convenience to our clients over all else.

Visit our Store at: http://chillicothevetclinicandpreciouspetsgrooming.vetsourceweb.com/site/view/site/view/HomeDelivery.pml