What can PAVG offer?

What can PAVG offer?

What Can PAVGCC Offer?

The Latest in Diagnostic Testing:

Top Quality Cancer Care:

Digital Radiography
Cytology and Biopsy
In-House Lab Analyzers
  • Access to the newest cancer drugs and treatment protocols
  • Expertise and safety in handling, preparing and administering chemotherapy drugs
  • Updated information on clinical trials available in the area
  • Tailored treatment strategies specific to our clients’ pet situation
  • Guidance in quality of life monitoring and comfort care (hospice care)

What Happens When You First Visit PAVGCC?

All oncology patients are seen at our Peoria Area Veterinary Group of Peoria location in Peoria. Please call 309-413-0527 to schedule a consultation. Your first visit is an important one. During this visit, we:

  • Review your pets’ medical records.
  • Discuss the biological behavior of your pets with them.
  • Discuss the purpose of any further recommended testing.
  • Provide clear education about your pets’ problem and appropriate treatment options including surgery, medical therapy and radiation therapy.
  • Personalize a plan based on their pets’ overall health as well as their family’s goals and wishes.