Prepping for Your Pet’s Yearly Vaccine Appointment

Prepping for Your Pet’s Yearly Vaccine Appointment

Preparing For The Questions At Your Annual Veterinary Visit

To get the most out of your annual veterinary visit, it helps to come prepared. Feel free to come in with a list of questions or topics to be discussed with the doctor and/or assistant. This can be very helpful to ensure your pet gets the best care possible.

Here are some general questions that may be asked at your pet’s veterinary visit:

 -“Is he/she eating and drinking normally?”

-This would be whatever is normal for your pet. Some animals will eat the food as soon as it hits the dish. Others may graze throughout the day. Monitor for any changes in eating and/or drinking habits.

 -“Has he/she had any vomiting or diarrhea?”

 -“Does he/she have any allergies?”

-This could be seasonal allergies, medication allergies, bee allergies, ect.

 -“Is he/she on any medications?”

-Even if our veterinarian prescribed the medications, we like to verify what medication(s) your pet is on, how often it is administered, and how much is administered. Also let us know any over-the-counter medications and supplements.

-“What type of food do you feed and how much?”

.It is good to know the brand and life stage of  the food. Such as, Science Diet Large Breed Adult.

-“Do you administer heartworm preventative and/or flea preventative? What kind? How often?”

– Do you administer your heartworm preventative year round? Do you administer flea preventative year round or seasonally? Do you use Heartgard and Frontline, Revolution, Trifexis, Iverhart, ect? It is good to know which products you are using to ensure your pet is being protected for what he/she needs.

-“If your pet is a cat, Is he/she indoors only or does he/she go outside?”

 -“Any concerns for the doctor today?”

-Coughing, sneezing, limping, lumps or bumps, behavioral issues, scratching, weight gain/loss, ect.

By: Erika Blair

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