February is Dental Month!

February is Dental Month!

Did you know? 80% of dogs show signs of dental disease by the age of 3! Bad breath or discoloration of your dog’s teeth means that the gums have been affected by dental disease. Dental disease is as common in dogs/cats as it is in humans.  The most common form of dental disease is tartar buildup.  This causes irritation of the gums around the base of the teeth (gingivitis), resulting in exposure of the roots. Ultimately, this leads to infection and tooth loss.

So what is the best way to prevent dental disease?? Brushing your pets’ teeth daily is the ideal way to keep their mouth healthy. Their teeth need to be brushed daily just like ours to prevent tartar. There are specially designed toothbrushes and toothpaste available for dogs and cats. Human toothpaste is not recommended due to the fluoride that can make your pet ill if swallowed. They also make finger brushes, or you can use a piece of gauze wrapper around your finger. This will help to remove the plaque before it can mineralize into calculus, which can lead to serious dental issues.

Science Diet has produced a wonderful diet called “t/d” which stands for “tooth diet”. This food is formulated in a way to “clean” the teeth when the dog or cat bites down on the specially designed kibble. This food can be fed as a regular diet, or it can be given daily as a treat.

Our clinic offers a very safe and effective water additive. This product is a tasteless, odorless solution formulated to promote healthy gum tissue and improve oral hygiene. The blend of ingredients eliminates pet breath odors and helps reduce plaque and tartar formation.

Even with these at-home cleaning options, routine dental cleanings are also important to ensure that your pet has the best oral health possible!

Dental disease with chronic infection can spread to major organs.


The Peoria Area Veterinary Group is offering 15% off all dentals during the month of February.   Make your appointment today to take advantage of this awesome deal!


By: Ashley Murphy

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