Dunlap II Team

Claudia Engquist

Customer Care Representative

Claudia was born and raised in Chillicothe. She grew up with animals and worked as a doggy daycare attendant for two years before finding her way to working in a veterinary clinic. Claudia is currently attending ICC for her associates degree in science. She is a self proclaimed Crazy Cat Lady and shares her home with five cats – Nugget and Hershey, just to name two. She also has three Leopard Geckos, three Bearded Dragons and seven Axolotis (a species of fully aquatic salamanders)! When she’s lucky enough to have free time, you might find Claudia napping or soaking up the sunshine on a beautiful day.

Marcy Wright

Customer Care Representative

Marcy Wright was born and raised in Peoria and has lived here most of her life. She did spend two years in Mississippi and two years in Geneva, Switzerland, and while in Switzerland, she spent her time dogsitting for friends while they were away. She has always loved animals ever since she was a little girl and knew that she wanted to eventually work with them—it was very exciting then for her to get hired at Dunlap Vet.

Marcy shares her home with two Havanese doggies, Seger and Harley. When she’s not hanging out with her pack, she loves listening to local live music and making seasonal wreaths for her doors.

Joni Bradshaw

Customer Care Representative
Joni is a Customer Care Representative at our Dunlap 2 location. She began work with Peoria Area Veterinary Group in September of 2012. Joni loves the people and animals that she gets to meet. When not in the office she enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.

Tammi Burton

Veterinary Technician
Tammi grew up in Washington, Illinois, and first realized that she wanted to work with animals when she was a just a young girl. She later graduated from Parkland College in 2006 and has been a vet tech for the last 12 years. This December, she will be celebrating her six-year anniversary with us!

Tammi currently lives with a 1.5-year old Pitbull/whippet mix who is very active and of course loves KONG toys. She also has a 70-pound Pitbull/Lab mix who is seven years old and has lived his whole life thinking he is a lap dog.

In her free time, Tammi enjoys video games, hiking, collecting model horses, watching movies with her husband and playing with her doggies.