The map above shows the location of pets that have tested positive for Heartworm Disease.  The red hearts are the cases since 2015 alone.  It is important to remember that because we live near the Illinois River, our pets are at high risk of mosquito exposure.  These mosquitoes carry microfilariae, which are injected into your furry friend’s bloodstream when the mosquito takes its meal.  These microfilariae eventually mature into adult heartworms and put our pet’s lives in danger.

If you live in a neighborhood with a heartworm positive pet, your own pet is more likely to contract the disease as this signifies that mosquitoes with microfilariae are present.  There has been an increase in heartworm positive cases over the last decade plus nationwide.

We are dedicated to putting a stop to this trend for our clients by offering a free Heartworm Test (valued at $40) if a 12 month supply of prevention is purchased for a pet.  Prevention has always been less expensive than treatment but this deal makes it even easier to protect year round and have the peace of mind that your pet is not going to suffer from this horrible diagnosis.