Super Bowl LII: Pets of the Players

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The Super Bowl has arrived!  Naturally we need to pick our winner based on how amazing the player’s pictures are with animals.  Here is your definitive guide to Super Bowl cuteness.  Comment below to inform us which team deserves to win based on their animal photos!

The Patriots

Tom Brady: Scooby, Fluffy, Lua

Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman: Not their cat, but still cool

Rob Gronkowski: Again not his pet, but… it’s Gronk with a cat…c’mon

Brandin Cooks: Archer

Brandin Cooks: Scout

Chris Hogan: Titan

David Andrews: Kimber

Elandon Roberts: Major

James Harrison: Storm and Wayne


Lane Johnson with his Boston Terrier

Lane Johnson as Lane Johnson

Mychal Kendricks: Deoji

Nelson Agholor and his pup

Rodney Cleod with Ceaser

Torrey Smith posing for a beagle rescue

Zach Ertz: Apollo


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