Dunlap 2 Staff


Primary DVMs:
Dr. Lissa Calhoun
Dr. Suzanne Gilles

Office Manager:
Candace Dunbar

Kelly Lewis
Tammi Burton

Veterinary Assistants:
Shannon Luna
Brenda Herron
Leah Richardson
Patsy Bowers

Office Staff:
Morgan Labanowski
Joni Bradshaw

Learn more about the staff of Dunlap Veterinary Clinic 2:

358_IMG_1441Joni Bradshaw

Joni is a Customer Care Representative at our Dunlap 2 location. She began work with Peoria Area Veterinary Group in September of 2012. Joni loves the people and animals that she gets to meet. When not in the office she enjoys cooking, and spending time with her family.

Morgan LabanowskiMorganLabanowski

Morgan is a Customer Care Representative at our Dunlap 2 (Peoria) location.  She began work with Peoria Area Veterinary Group in August of 2015.  It has always been Morgan’s dream to work with animals.  In her spare time Morgan is a local photographer.  Two of her favorite models are her Boston Terrier (pictured) and her Yellow Lab.


 358_IMG_1679Kelly Lewis

Kelly started at the Peoria location in June of 2012. She is one of our certified veterinary technicians and received her degree from Globe University in Madison Wisconsin. She also received a bachelors degree in biology from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She loves helping clients give the best possible care to their pets. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys hiking, biking, and pretty much anything outdoors.

358_IMG_1680Tammi Burton

Tammi began work at our Peoria location December of 2012. She attended college at Parkland College and graduated in 2006 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. Tammi loves knowing that she help keep patients healthy and happy. Outside of the clinic, she enjoys crafts, reading, and bowling.

downloadLeah Richardson

Leah began at our Dunlap 2 location in late 2013 as a Customer Care Representative. Due to the passion for animals she has had all her life she decided to become a Veterinary Assistant. Leah is currently taking courses to become a Certified Veterinary Technician. In her spare time, Leah enjoys spending quality time with her fur family which includes a lab named Cowboy, and two cats named Newo and Olive.

Shannon LunaShannonLuna1

Shannon began at our Dunlap 2 location in 2011 as a veterinary assistant.  Her hard work and love for animals makes her a perfect fit for her position.  In her spare time, Shannon enjoys hanging out with her host of furry friends.


BrendaHerron2 Brenda Herron

Brenda began working at our Dunlap location in 1997 and joined our Dunlap 2 location shortly upon its opening.  Brenda has loved animals her entire life, and enjoys being able to help each patient that she sees.  This makes her a great fit for her position of veterinary assistant.  Brenda is pictured here holding her loving lab Abby.


Candace Dunbar


Candace was an original member of the Chillicothe Veterinary Clinic staff.  She worked in the old and eventually new Chillicothe location, managing the office until 2014 when she decided to spend some quality time with her family.  Upon her return in April 2015, Candace assumed the role of Office Manager once again, with a change of scenery, switching to our Peoria location.  In her free time, Candace loves spending time outdoors with her family (Both Fur and Human).  Her love for clients and patients alike enables Candace to excel in her position.  Candace is pictured at our Dunlap 1 Open House holding a cute canine that was waiting to be adopted.


Patsy Bowers

Patsy joined Precious Pets Grooming in Mid 2015.  She has always loved dogs, and finds a great amount of joy working with them each day.  Patsy came to us with 8 years of pet styling experience.  In her spare time Patsy crochets sweaters for chickens for during the winter laying eggs.  Patsy and her fiancé Sadie have four felines, and a canine that she keeps looking gorgeous.  Finally her secret talent is impersonations (even animal ones)!